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Top 10 tasks to outsource to Virtual Assistants

Outsourcing Professionals Sydney

Are your experiencing troubles growing your business to being what it should be? Both lucrative and vibrant? The problem possibly lies with wearing so many hats just like many small business entrepreneurs are doing today.

Real success lies in the ability to pair hands with other successful businesses in respective fields. Moreover, Virtual Assistants have come to be trusted in their ability to conduct all the essential routine office works efficiently. Jumping on this bandwagon and Outsourcing your work to virtual assistants is both downright smart and will save you overhead cost as they charge hourly on work completed.

Why would you need a Virtual assistant? The answer is so straightforward you won't believe it. Firstly, neither do they consume any of your office space nor do you pay for internet connection and computers used to deliver your work.

Moreover, VAs are a team comprised of talented professionals who love what they do and offer the best administrative and business service to offshore clients paying little or no attention to geographical limitations.

Now that you see the real value in having virtual assistants working for you, you might be wondering, What tasks can I outsource? Luckily, you are in safe hands, and we've gone to great depths to bring everything you need to know to kick start your business.

1. SEO optimization

Businesses are struggling to stay up to date with the ever-changing SEO techniques just as they change. The aim is to eliminate disreputable websites that flog the online sphere. SEO is essential in that it helps your website to rank higher in searches and thus command a tremendous number of visits to your site. VAs are better equipped to keep up with any updates as they get released. From flagging the relevant keywords to establishing quality back-links to be fused into your site. Thus, ranking your site higher and appearing at the top of searches.

2. Social Media Marketing

Everyone is on social media today, be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram you name it. It is in your interest that you engage more with your customers, improve your visibility and promote your brand. VAs will post your videos and market your SEO content (could be your product or services) on all social media platforms which potentially boosts your online presence drawing more foot traffic on your doorstep.

3. Website design and management

The days when internet browsing was exclusively done in desktop environments are long gone. Most people today, use their smartphones to access the internet and thus a need for a smoother browsing experience, faster and mobile-friendly websites. Otherwise, they will go elsewhere.

With a team of dedicated IT professionals working closely with VAs with an innate knack for website design and graphics, VAs ensure that your site is accessible and comfortably viewable from an array of devices which increases visits to your site.

4. Email management

Going through a chunk of emails every day especially those endless spams can be frustrating, right? Having a proficient VA is welcome joy in that they will manage your email id, delete those unnecessary emails, organize the promotional emails and save you a lot of hassle and time.

5. Call answering

Loss of a potentially good business because you were not available to pick up a phone call is just wasteful and demoralizing. Keep those phone lines open even at odd hours for your global customers with a virtual assistant.

Reach out for a VA that will take business calls, track on all the delicate details of any market prospects and at the same time give you an edge over all your competitors with the extra hours under your belt.

6. Online research

Do you spend many hours on the web just doing some basic research? Utilize the lofty skills that come with VAs in the online sphere. It is here that they soar like a falcon, they are fast and deliver the best-related information on any topic, product or event within the stipulated time.

7. Data Entry and Presentation

Collecting data and filling those business spreadsheets are tasks that VAs will handle with a finesse touch while consistently updating the database with new entries. That's not all, presentations on PowerPoint fall squarely within their domain, and you can be rest assured that it will be elegant and in line with your specifications

8. Manage schedule

Business trips, anyone? With a wide array of scheduling materials online, VAs can quickly manage your calendar without breaking a sweat. It could range from booking appointments with clients, conducting all the necessary follow-ups to booking hotel accommodations in advance and flight schedules.

9. Content Writing

By teaming up with a skilled VA makes you a beneficiary of not only well-written content with in-depth research but also content optimized for SEO. It could be blogs, articles or social media sites.

10. Event Management

With businesses these days hosting events for their clients or to coincide with product launches, if you don’t have the capability to manage and pull together the event, this is where a VA with event management experience is ideal. If you’re event is a one off, you can easily access a VA with the necessary experience to prepare the event for you, without the need to stress of ongoing wages long term. Booking the venue, preparing the menu with caterers, managing your guest list and attendance, all of this can be managed by a VA.

Whilst the list of tasks that can be outsourced doesn’t end there, as you can see, a wide range of services are offered these days by VAs, and you can be assured, there is a VA out there in the world that is capable of handling your business.

If you’d like to know more about the services and packages that we have on offer here at South West Sydney Virtual Assistant, check out and get in touch with us to find out more.

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