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Meet The Team


Yes, we are real people who do exist!

Our team is locally based in the Macarthur Region of South West Sydney. We love supporting our local community, and over 90% of our clients are based in our region. For us, this is a win win, because we are supporting local small business, as well as our local economy.



If only we could fly, we'd be over the moon!

Yes, we do really exist! 

Virtual Assistants (or VAs as we are more commonly known as) are on the rise, especially right here in Australia. More and more business owners are catching onto us, as they are realising how cost effective we can be for your business. ChaChing! More money in your pocket = Winning!

As a business owner, you do spend more time on tasks that, let's face it, are better being done by someone who enjoys doing them more than you! A VA will essentially become one your businesses most valuable assets!

But why a VA? Why don't I just go an hire a full time or part time employee instead?

Well yes, there maybe circumstances where you may need to have someone physically onsite with you. However, in most circumstances, a VA can handle your tasks, remotely.

Your First Step - Assess how long you are spending doing these time sapping tasks. Record this each day for a week or two. This will give you a general idea on the amount of support you require. We're pretty sure the amount of time you spend on these tasks may shock you!

Your Second Step - Work out your budget. The joy of having a VA support you means you will only pay for the time actually spent waving our magic wands.

The Third and final step - Ensuring your VA (which will hopefully be us) has a clear understanding of your needs. 

  • Accurately outline all work required to be completed

  • Outline any time frames or deadlines you have

  • Openly discuss with us you preferred method of communication.

Once we have all this set in stone, we're ready to rock and roll!

Carlene Cardona

Owner | Avid Networker

Carlene Cardona | Owner | South West Sydney Virtual Assistant

Debbie Hester

Graphic Designer Extraordinaire 


And here are the stars in the background!

Virtual Assistant Sydney | South West Sydney Virtual Assistant

Laura Bernhard

Bookkeeping Extraordinaire

Virtual Assistant Sydney | South West Sydney Virtual Assistant

Marie Copp

Admin & Accounting Angel

Some of our Clients

Fully Promoted Macarthur
Escabags Ltd
Macarthur Castles
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