So here is the nitty gritty we mentioned earlier. We are extremely transparent about all our pricing. We have a few options available. You can either take us up on one of our packages, or if you prefer you can pay by the hour, the choice is yours. 

Of course, if you have any questions at all regarding our pricing, you can always get in touch with us to discuss this further.

Please view our Terms & Conditions

Small Business StartUp Package

If you're new to business this is the package for you!

We know how hard it is when you are first starting out - we should know, as we were in this boat ourselves! So we decided to come up with this package to help get you and your business off the ground and online!

Package cost is $2000 + GST with 50% deposit required, and the balance paid on completion.

  • New Website (including helping with Domain Registration & SEO setup) with your choice of either WordPress or WiX.

  • Google Setup (including Google My Business, Analytics & Search Console)

  • Facebook Page Setup

  • Marketing Video for Advertising

  • Logo Design

Online Learning.

Business Document Packages

The following packages are available to support you with business documentation, infrastructure support and business certification. A 25% deposit is required upfront, with balance due on completion.

Basic Package - $450.00 + GST

Basic forms and business documentation templates including (branded and coloured according to business specifications):

  • Business forms (5)

  • Letter template

  • Job Description template

  • Procedure template

  • Report template

  • Business Plan template

  • Policies & Procedures Manual template

Infrastructure Support Package - $2500.00 + GST

Basic Package PLUS Business documents tailored to the business:

  • Business Plan - includes some research support & a face-to-face meeting with the client to discuss business needs and planning.

  • Policies & Procedures Manual - includes 20 Policies/ Procedures written using information supplied by the business to meet individual needs. Also includes a face-to-face meeting with the client.

  • Job Descriptions - For 10 x staff/ positions. Includes 15-30 minute phone call with each staff member (or manager) to discuss the role and responsibilities.

NOTE: Extra Policies/ Procedures or Job Descriptions will be charged at $75.00 + GST each on top off package fee.

EXTRAS (additional fee to be discussed at time of enquiry)

Extra business support can be provided for:

  • Assistance navigating through business certification processes (e.g. ISO 9001 & HACCP certifications). Helping the business understand the requirements and building documentation and processes etc to achieve certification.

  • Set up of Internal Audits - includes setting up checklists, audit schedule, policy and procedures.


Website Packages

Helping you get online!

We have put together affordable options for small business owners to get themselves online. We know how hard it is when you first start out, because, well we were there too once before. You have the choice of either Wordpress or WiX for your website design and we'll also do your SEO setup, connect you with Google Analytics, Google Search Console and if need be sort out your Google My Business listing as well.

All our website packages require a 50% deposit upfront.

Basic 5 Page Website - $1000 + GST

Membership Site - $1800 + GST

Ecommerce Site - $2500 + GST

Speak to us if you have additional requirements for your website

Website Packages from South West Sydney Virtual Assistant

Utilise us on an hourly rate!

Our hourly pricing runs on a sliding scale, so the more work we do, the cheaper your hourly rate becomes, in order to not only give you the support you need, but to help keep costs down!

Need us for 0-5 hours per week?

This will be charged at a rate of $45.00 per hour plus GST.

Need us for 5-15 hours per week?

This will be charged at a rate of $41.00 per hour plus GST.

Need us for 15 hours or more per week?

This will be charged at a rate of $35.00 per hour plus GST.


This will be charged on a weekly basis and is payable within 7 days from date of invoice (Late fees apply, please refer to our Terms & Conditions below).

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