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Tradies don't despair! Help is literally a phone call away!

Virtual Assistant Sydney | Tradie VA

These days being a business owner is tiring work, and with it not only comes the stress of being on call 24/7, but then having to try and deal with paperwork, Social Media, Marketing and so much more.

I see it more often than not, that Tradies struggle with trying to keep up with everything. It’s a tough gig, and the burnout can truly takes it toll, with some Tradies having no other option than to cease trading.

But a lot of Tradies are now beginning to see the benefit in enlisting the support of a Virtual Assistant (VA) in their business.

Like most other businesses a VA can provide crucial support in key areas of the business, but what is the difference with a Tradie business?

Let’s go over some of the key services that a VA can assist with, and for the benefit of this article, I will be using examples of business we currently support.

The Plumber:

  • Telemarketing – cold/warm calling

  • Social Media – Managing/monitoring paid advertising

  • Invoicing – processing jobs through accounting software and preparing to send for payment

  • Website – Design and manage website as well as all incoming enquiries

  • Reception – Answering of calls whist on

The Glazier:

  • Social Media – Advertising of services on local Facebook Groups for lead generation and brand awareness

  • Marketing – Preparing Marketing Material for letterbox drops

  • SEO – Ongoing management of Website and Search Engine Optimisation

The above noted services are just the start of the support that can be provided.

But what are the benefits?

  • By having your calls answered whilst you are onsite, it means that you don’t miss out on a potential customer. Nothing is worse than ringing a plumber and there’s no answer and you don’t get a call back for a day or two. Remember, most people seeking a plumber are usually calling for an emergency. If you don’t answer, they will just call the next one.

  • By having your cold/warm calling done, it means that new business can be generated whilst you are servicing your current clients. Lead Generation is a huge part of business and most Tradies sadly cannot do this given the nature of their businesses as well as the long hours worked.

  • By having your invoicing done for you, it means that you can get paid on time and not delay getting your invoices out to your clients. Most Tradies will stay up all hours getting invoices out or leaving them sit for days on end. Remember this is your livelihood, so you want to ensure that you receive your payments in a timely manner.

  • By having your Social Media taken care of, it means your audience is kept engaged and could potentially be a great source of new business for you.

As you can see, some of the benefits listed above are crucial for any business, but more so for a Tradie as it would be impossible for any of these tasks to be done during normal business hours.

So if you’re a Tradie and feel like you’re forever drowning in a sea of administrative tasks, then consider how having a VA can help support your business.

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