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Why Wix is a great platform for small business owners!

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Now there's always been the online argument that Wix is no good... if you want to be found, steer clear of Wix - most of these comments coming from your web designers who may have been in the industry far too long and don't like Wix for what it is - a basic web designing tool for the average small business owner who just wants to be found, meaning the average web designer doesn't get business from the small guys! Truth!

Which leads me to the next point - 'You won't get found with a Wix website'. Now that my friends, is a total lot of hogwash! This very website, was built on Wix, has undergone many redesigns in the 3 years it's been live, and ranks #1 for most of my keywords.... so anyone tells you Wix is no good for SEO, again a load of hogwash!

So now we'll go into why we love Wix here at South West Sydney Virtual Assistant, and why we think you should too!


Wix web designer stands tall amidst the consistently developing number of similar administrations.

The company was established in 2005 and has its headquarters in New York. On the surface, Wix is by all accounts the archetypal drag and drop site supervisor yet it has detonated in popularity.

To date, more than 10 million sites owe their existence to Wix. The central issue is: Why is Wix web designer a great deal more popular than its companions? No Flash In The Pan Perhaps the single most compelling motivation why Wix is so popular is because it allows you to not just create professional looking static sites, it also takes care of any fancy Flash site ideas you have. Although Wix can transform any worn out old webpage into a static masterpiece, the added allure of a Flash site with a vivid and intense presentation is what attracts individuals to the website. Because of this feature, artists and photographers can finally showcase their work in the setting it merits. The Flash plan really draws out the best in any portfolio. Features The sheer amount of features and add-ons offered by Wix is mind-blowing. Although other site editors have a similarly noteworthy array of features, Wix is separate from its web proofreader which enables you to redo your webpage more all together and totally than any other web designer.

The vast majority of Wix's rivals still languish in static site land while Wix has the largest number of Flash templates of any web designer. With Wix, you can integrate PayPal, add Google Maps, media players, cut art, video integration from sites like YouTube and considerably more.

With all this readily available, you would be forgiven for suspecting that it is hard to create your dream site. In any case, you would be especially mistaken. The drag and drop proofreader means you cannot fail to create your own particular masterpiece in no time at all.

The diverse range of tools on offer are all easy to discover because the Wix site is masterfully created. You can change images, change templates and see them live on your screen as you do it, all in the click of a few buttons. Site building has never been so basic!

Valuing Amazingly, you can have all of the above for nothing! You get facilitating, boundless templates, Google Analytics and 500MB of storage and bandwidth without paying a penny.

There are also 4 different alternatives which cost from $4.95 a month for the My Domain choice to $24.90 a month for the select eCommerce package (US Dollars of course). The extra cash pays for additional storage, bandwidth and a shopping basket. In any case, in the event that you don't pay anything, despite everything you get premium client bolster with Wix also intended to make your site search motor amicable Keyword Optimization: Without the adequate spotlight on SEO, even the most stylish site will be overlooked as the search engines won't see it and search clients won't discover it. Wix enables you to add watchwords and assorted meta data to help make your site more visible to search motor arachnids. Try not to allow the hard work you put into outlining your site go to waste! Difficulty Levels: Wix has managed to enhance its already great usability by rating each flash template it gives according to its trouble level. Those with little experience of building a site are advised to stick to learner level while the individuals who are all the more technologically savvy can take a gander at the further developed templates. This guarantees that Wix has choices for all aptitude levels. Updates: Adding content updates can be a real pain, however, Wix takes this pressure away by making the procedure of altering, updating or adding content a walk in the park. The UI is far from complex so it is easy to navigate the site and add or erase content as you see fit. When one considers all the advantages of having a site fabricated utilizing Wix, it's not hard to perceive any reason why it's one of the world's most popular web designers.

Years ago, building a site was a frustrating exercise and one which required great technological ability.

Thanks to Wix, you can create an amazing, professional looking site while never having to read a programming book! Wix essentially offers more than its rivals which is the reason it's thought to be among the best web designers on the planet.

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