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How to keep traffic flowing to your website over the Christmas break!

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Christmas and New Year are just a few days away.

Do not panic!!!

It is a time for enjoyment and people generally take a break from work. In fact many of them also might take a break from the time they spend browsing the internet and looking on the likes of Google for information about products and services.

Content is the backbone for traffic to websites and it is quite possible that those who depend on their website for generating leads and traffic might be a bit worried.

This is because they could see a significant drop in searches. It would be useful to find out ways and means by which you could continue to get traffic even during this period of hiatus.

The significance and importance of search engine optimization (SEO) should continue to be important even during the Christmas / New Year period when there certainly will be a lull in content generation, and also searches by prospective customers.

Here are a few things which perhaps would help traffic to keep flowing to your website even during such dull days. 1.Curated Content

If you are running a non-retail website it might be possible to manage without writing content even if it is for a period of a few days. Ideally in a normal situation, contents should be written at least three days a week, but this may not be possible during holidays like Christmas. In such cases it would be better to go in for curated content.

Put in plain and simple way, it is a process by which you can go through large quantities of pre-existing content on the web and sorting it out in terms of quality. A few of these could be posted on your website and during holidays, it could help to keep traffic alive during the festive season.

You could use social media to push curated content on Facebook, Twitter and other such social sites. You must pay more attention to mobile browsing because that is what most visitors will make use of. 2. Come Out With Festive Themed Content

If would be a good idea to look for some quality festive themed content. This will be a great way to attract seasonal visitors who otherwise may not be regular internet visitors. These visitors in the normal days may not be considered as the ideal traffic.

However, this could be a great way to target a completely different range of prospective customers.

However, you have to ensure that the content is specific to these segments of customers then quality is something on which there should not be any compromise.

A great example would be to look out for best blogs of the year pertaining to your product or service and have them posted on your website. 3. Try Offer Some Holiday Freebie or Discount

When you are reasonably sure that there will be a downturn in traffic because of holidays, you could try and offer some holiday freebies or discounts. It could be related to your category of products and services.

This will certainly increase curiosity and will drive more traffic to your website even during holidays.

However, the secret lies in planning well in advance so that you are able to come out with the right offers which are well targeted, focused and have a chance to yield the right results. 4. The Importance Of Mobile Optimization

If you see traffic trending down or fear that it will happen during holiday, you must start focusing on mobile optimization. Though it has been mentioned earlier, you must ensure that you strategize it properly and relevant hashtags which are known to attract high traffic.

Proper selection of keywords and phrases in the content and, also in the Meta Title which is something you must always bear in mind.

There are plenty of online resources these day to assist even a novice at SEO and how to work your way around it to ensure that you are continually receiving traffic to your website. If you look around you will certainly be able to come out with many ways and means by which you can continue to have traffic flowing to your website during the ensuring Christmas and New Year.

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