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The importance of having your Facebook Page verified

Facebook Verification | Virtual Assistant Sydney

One of the proven ways of marketing your business is through the various social media accounts such as Facebook. Having a Facebook business page for your firm is paramount if you want to increase your audience.

The only problem is where you have created a page for your business but it hasn’t been verified. Even though it’s not a must for you to verify the account, it does come with several benefits.

Benefits of Verifying Your Facebook Page

1. Increase Ranking

The first thing you will see when you follow the steps involved in verifying a page is a note that it does increase ranking of your page. Just like SEO is used in Google to rank higher, verifying your page in Facebook offers the same too. It undoubtedly increases your page visibility thus increasing the number of visitors. Google has its own special way of knowing whether a page is legit or not. By having a verified page, the search engine will be able to rank your page first on Google results. Facebook offers the same too when its users search for a particular page.

2. Authenticity

The grey check-mark on a Facebook page that has been verified is a direct indication that you are actually what you claim to be. The page you will be managing will be official and legit since Facebook will have confirmed that. Long gone are the days when the blue check-mark was meant for celebrities and the latter. It’s now available to almost everyone as the grey one also applies to your small business.

Below screen shot shows the grey tick next to business name.

Facebook Verification | Virtual Assistant Sydney

3. Fake Accounts are Eliminated

There is no doubt that when you search for a particular business page in Facebook, you will be provided with several results with similar names. How then do you go about choosing the official one that has been approved? The simplest way is to choose that which has the grey check-mark which is absolutely legit. There will be no more confusion among your prospect buyers because they will find exactly what they were looking.

4. Builds Business Reputation

A business that has verified its Facebook account appears credible than that which hasn’t. You could be selling a similar product but since you are advertising it on a page that is not verified, a potential customer may choose to look for another option. This translates to loss on revenue.

But how do you verify your business page?

Steps to Verify Facebook Business Page

The first step before you can proceed with this process is to make sure that your account has a physical address.

Once you are done, when on the site go to:

•Go to Settings

•Click “General”

•Click “Page Verification”

•Click “Verify this Page”

•Key in your business phone number, country and language

•Click on “Call Me Now”. Here, Facebook team will then send you a verification code.

•Enter the 4 digit code and then click “Continue”

Screen shots below show you were to find the Page Verification Settings...

Facebook Verification | Virtual Assistant Sydney

And this screen shot shows you what to enter to get your Facebook Verification Call.

Facebook Verification | Virtual Assistant Sydney

Your Facebook page should now be verified and this should be true after seeing a grey check-mark.

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