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Feeling Overwhelmed? You need not worry. There's a VA out there for you!

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Running your own business can be a tough gig at times!

We understand that, just as much as you, because we've been there ourselves.

Week in and week out, we hear from business owners who are struggling and are feeling overwhelmed with mundane tasks that take them away from their core business.

You, stressed equals a disaster waiting to happen.

Or does it already feel like you are in the midst of a disaster?

Truth be told, there are still quite a lot of business owners out there who still have no idea that they can have help and support in their business, and it doesn't have to be all that difficult to find.

The VA industry here in Australia is growing at a very rapid rate, as is the need for VAs supporting more and more business owners.. Since the start of 2018, I have seen close to 2 dozen or so posts on Facebook from business owners seeking VAs, but most have absolutely no idea where to look.

Now, before we get into how to find VAs, one thing that is important to remember is not that all VAs are for you. Most VAs specialise in specific areas of business, whilst others, like us here at South West Sydney Virtual Assistant have a team that can help with all aspects of your business.

So where do you start, or how most importantly?

Of course starting with what you need in a VA is crucial. What aspects of your business are you struggling with? And, what part of your business is lacking the attention it needs?

Once you start to narrow down just what you require support with, the next most important step is to look at how many hours you require that support each week. Now, we understand some weeks will vary from one to the next, but having a general idea of how long you spend on these tasks will give you a bit of an idea of how many hours you'll need a VA involved.

Budget! Yes this is key! We have seen so many people who reach out for help but then almost lose their minds when rates are discussed.

Most VAs will charge you off an hourly rate, others will offer package pricing, and some will work only on retainer packages, so this will be something you need to consider. Will it work for your business and does your budget fit?

Next, let's find you that VA!

I could do the selfish thing here and just plug away my own business, but that's not what this is about, because we know that we aren't the perfect fit for every business.

There are so many amazing VAs right here in Australia, and with that comes an array of awesome VA networks that support us.

Most of these VA networks will give you the opportunity to submit your requests as job leads. Think of it as the Seek for VAs really. Ensure you have a clear and concise job description that outlines everything you need in a VA.

So, let's help you find that VA you do desperately need.

I'll start with the one I love most, because as a VA, we receive so much support that it's not even funny from this network!

This is run by the lovely Rosie Shilo, a huge advocate for the VA industry right here in Australia. The VYVA (as we know it by) network has a little under 200 VAs right across Australia who are ready to help support you.

What is great about the VYVA network is the amount of comradery between all of the VAs... The variety of skills amongst the members is amazing, you can literally have every single aspect of your business taken care of with a VA from the VYVA Network.

Head to today, submit your job and wait for the influx of amazing VAs to come at you with all their VA goodness!

Other VA networks you can submit job leads too:

Australian Virtual Assistants Centre of Excellence or AVACOE as it is affectionately known. Run by Chris Crowe who is also an amazing advocate for the industry.

VA Placements - With VA Placements, you can search for a VA based on a particular skill, local or the business need you require. Any suitably matched VAs will then appear in your search results of whom you can contact directly.

VA Directory (A Clayton's Secretary) - this one has been around since 1996 and founded by Kathie Thomas, again another advocate for the VA Industry. You can search for your VA based on location, or again post a job ad for suitably qualified VAs to respond.

You may also wish to post your job in the Virtual Assistant Jobs Australia group on Facebook.

So, as you can see, there are plenty of places you can find your perfect VA.

Stop the overwhelm, take a deep breath, and go forth and find your new VA today.

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