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Business tools we recommend you should be using, like now!

Virtual Assistant Sydney

For those of you who have been following us here at South West Sydney Virtual Assistant for a while now, you would be pretty used to us sharing valuable information with you as often as we can.

So as the year draws to an end, we thought why not give you all a comprehensive list of some of the awesome tools we use here at SWSVA headquarters.

Tools that you, as a business owner, can also use and implement into your own business.

Some are simple tools, some are quite in-depth, but all will provide some benefit to helping you within your own business.

First off, we’re starting with this awesome tool from Facebook.

What do I love about it! When you are managing a client’s Facebook Page on their behalf, a lot of people I have met ask their clients to hand over their passwords for their personal Facebook account in order to access their Page.

What I love about Facebook for Business is just how easy it is to request access to a page without the need to ask for such passwords. For someone like me who manages multiple Facebook Pages, it has become a very valuable tool for my business! You can track all your insights for your page, as well as manage your Facebook Ad’s account at the same time.

What to watch out for?

Can be a little hard to navigate through Ad Manager, especially if there is more than one Ad Account, but plenty of help to work your way through it.

Ok Social Pilot is AMAZING! Why??? Think of when you use scheduling software to post your content to your Facebook Page. Most times you do so, it will say 'Posted Via .......' and it will be directed to that platforms website... think along the lines of Hootsuite and it would say “Posted via Hootsuite”.

What is so amazing about SocialPilot is the fact that if you have it in you, you can create your own app via Facebook for Developers, and have your posts personalised to your business name.

So for me, my posts now say 'Posted by South West Sydney VA', and what's even better, you click on it, you are directed my website! Win Win! You now have content being shared, in which your audience can see it's coming from you and not some third party app, and you have additional links to your website!

Such a user friendly interface as well, and price wise it's great as well! $9US to use a month!

Helps me to upskill in areas that I need to. You can get your first month for free to see if the content is going to be relevant for you. The main thing about it is that you consistently need to update your skills constantly.

If you've got a LinkedIn profile, it automatically updates your profile with these certain skills.

It costs you around $30 a month and you can do as many courses as you like! Now that’s a worthwhile investment to keep yourself skilled.

I get all of my images from there. If you're lucky you can get a lifetime access for under $100 when the special pricing pops up.

I use it for my blog posts and they have an awesome range of stock images for your website.

Value for money and they have over 600K images to access.

If you’d like a FREE option for Stock Images, we also recommend Pexels. They have a fantastic range of images available too.

Perfect for all social media marketing material creations.

The quality you get is great and everything you need is there you just need to add your content.

Create everything from Social Media posts for Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest etc, but flyers, business cards, presentations, email banners and so much more!!

This online software allows you to create premium videos for your business.

Presentations, ads, slideshows can all be created using Biteable. You can do claymation, reality, animation and so much more and it's continually adding features.

**The first video ad I had made when first using Biteable sent my business bonkers on YouTube and I had that many calls come in it allowed me to give up my day job to work full time in the business.

What to watch out for?

If you want to remove the watermark, you will need to pay for a subscription.

This iPhone app allows you to find motivational quotes or pictures to create social posts. It's great for developing quotes for your social media channels or to promote that new product you have!!

You can add your own logo and it customises the size based on the social media channel you’re posting on. It helps you get creative and you can avoid copyright laws by avoiding sharing images you find on Google.

I hope that this list gives you some guidance to some tools you can use in your business.

We love using these tools each day in our business, and we’re sure they will make your life easier just as they do us.

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