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Using Facebook to advertise your business

Virtual Assistant Sydney

When I take on a new client to handle their Social Media Administration, one of the key things I ask them is what are they presently doing to get their brand seen. What tools are they using to advertise their business, besides the traditional advertising methods available.

When I ask them however, are they using Facebook to advertise, 9 times out of ten, the answer is no. Now I'm not referring to paid advertising on Facebook. Over the last few years, one of the biggest things that has grown on Facebook is local groups for which businesses can advertise in, and the best thing is it's Free!

With so many groups out there, some are specific business advertising groups, others are local community noticeboards as well that allow for local business advertising as well. Now, here are some key points to remember if you are going to utilise these groups for local advertising:

  1. Read the Rules first - most of these groups will have rules in terms of how many times you are permitted to advertise, some allow once a week, some will allow twice a week. All differ, so you will need to make sure you familiarise yourself

  2. Prepare a script to use to promote your business. Be clear and concise with your words so that you make sure you don't bore people, and so that you don't repeat yourself each time you do post into these groups, prepare a few different scripts to change it up.

  3. When you are advertising, be sure to include a link to your Facebook Page and or website, that way people can be directed somewhere in order to get more information on your product or service.

  4. Share posts directly from your Facebook Page into these groups, especially if you have content that you think may prove valuable in drawing in new leads to your business. By sharing from your page, it will also allow you to see the insights of reach of the post as well directly on your page for all posts you share.

  5. When posting, be sure not to post to all the groups at the same time. Work out a schedule of which groups you post to and break them up throughout the week so that it enables you to reach a different audience each time.

One key thing to remember is consistency; be sure to regularly advertiser in order to make your brand stand out, so that people can begin to recognise your brand. The more they see you, the more familiar your product and brand will stand out.

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