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Why you need a VA, and why we won't hurt your profits!

It goes without saying, that any business, whether you be a sole trader, small business or a large corporation, you, at some stage, need someone to do the office paperwork, answer the calls, check over emails, the list goes on!

For smaller businesses, the cost involved in hiring staff can be monumental, and can hurt the profit margins, so that's where a VA (Virtual Assistant) steps in.

Unlike if you were to hire a full time or even casual employee, hiring a VA is much more cost effective.

To give you an idea, here are some of the things you need to worry about when hiring a staff member:

*Payroll Taxes *Superannuation *Holiday Loading *Shift Loading *Compulsory Work Uniforms *Office Equipment (PC, stationary,desk, chair) *Provide training

Now obviously, this is great if you are happy and can afford to provide all this, ongoing, however, if you can't, you would think that there was no other solution? Am I right? Well that's where you are wrong!

The difference when hiring a VA is simple, you don't treat us as an employee, rather, we treat you as our customer.

What does that mean for you? Well a lot when you think about it more. What do you have to worry about when you hire a VA? It's paying an invoice, whether it be once and week or once a fortnight. And getting the work to us that is needed to be done, or perhaps emailing us when you have information for us. And that's where it stops.

All VA's are a business themselves, which means effectively:

*We provide our own equipment

*We pay our own taxes and superannuation

*We charge you a flat hourly rate and you only pay for the work we do and no more than that *We are skilled, trained professionals, which means you don't have to worry about any training

So whilst thinking that a VA may be a much more expensive way of getting the work done, in reality, it isn't.

To give you something to really think about, why not work out what it would cost you to hire a full time employee, add everything to it that goes with it (the super, the taxes etc.) add that all together to see what the total hourly rate would be, and then, compare that to my hourly rates, and work it out what it will cost you for a year! I have no doubt, that the comparison between the two will be significantly less on a VA!

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